Hi, my name is Rick Reed. I am an electronic prepress analyst at University of Missouri Printing Services.

My e-mail address is reedra@missouri.edu and my work phone number is (573)-882-8110,
and my home phone number is (573)-442-2976.

NEW Tree Generator using Processing

NEW Countdown Timer with alarm

Cell phone message code convertor

Bitmap Reflection effects in Flash

Bitmap Reflection/Distortion effects in Flash

3D images (Requires red-blue 3D glasses)

Bouncing Balls (Flash simulation)

Dial an Image (Flash simulation)

Calendar Wheel (Flash simulation)

Hail Damage to my house on March 12, 2006

Slide Rule Page (with Flash slide rule simulator)

Trammel of Archimedes (Flash)

Gravity Game (Flash)

Slide show of Heather's and my trip to Oregon (bigger pictures).

Slide show of Heather's and my trip to Oregon (smaller pictures).


Family Fotos

Animated Knots gifs.

Iterated Function Explorer applet.

I have been doing some woodworking.

Applet for determining 7-card Stud odds.

1280 x 1024 Bryce Images
A bunch of images I made with Bryce 2.0.

Bryce Images
More (smaller) images I made with Bryce 2.0.

Phone number conversion tool (requires Javascript.)
Generates possible alpha equivalents of your phone number. Converts alpha numbers back to real numbers.

Refraction of Light Tutorial (updated with Flash simulator 3-29-06)

I have been playing with some GIF animations. I made a Moon Page and a test animation page.

New House!: Check out my new home.
I moved into it June 16th, but it is still kind of a mess.

I am no longer supporting MacSpinner. Sorry, try I-Hound.

Announcing: AI Java Class beta release
A plug-in for Adobe Illustrator that generated Java Code. Hey, and I made it too!

Check out the Digital Photography '96 and '97 exhibit . I have two pieces in the '96 show and one in the '97 show!

My first Java project: Grid Puzzle.

My second Java project: Multiplication.

My third Java project: Addition.

Mike Cahill's first Java project: Shapes.

Handy Dandy Decimal to Hexidecimal chart.

Handy Dandy Special Characters table.

To see a sampling of my photos, click on their names below
Wallowa Mountains Night Orb Totems Dear in the Clear Three Orbs
Shore Acres Rocks Crater Lake in winter Amy, Brent, and Ed Dennis Kate 1 (not mine)
Kate 2 (not mine) Kate 3 (not mine) Mammoth Hot Springs Delicate Arch plus Ed Connected Orbs
Stump Keely and Michelle David Ray Michael and Ariel